A high-fidelity app designed in a 48-hour hackathon to help pregnant women with gestational diabetes log their food.


What is JustAte?

JustAte is a concept app designed collaboratively in a team of 5 for a 48-hour long hackathon, designed to assist mothers with gestational diabetes log their meals for the 3 months of their third trimester.

The Problem

Women with gestational diabetes are required to log their meals every day and share the information (photos and/or text) with their doctors and care teams.

The Solution

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Our team developed a high-fidelity prototype that allowed women to:

  • Log food by snapping a picture and adjusting tags
  • Get rewarded for logging food
  • Set reminders that work for their schedule

My Role

Overall: Project Management

UX Design

  • User Flows
  • Information Architechture
  • Wireframing

UI Design

  • Visual Design
  • Animation

The Process

Laying out our Best Plans

With only 48 hours to create an app while located in 5 different states, our team knew that we would need to divide and conquer the workload. I created a Gantt chart to help us visualize our plan.

Airing User's Humble Opinions

My teammates developed and recruited participants who have used food logging apps for a survey about logging habits.

Our biggest takeaway away from the survey was user's hunger for logging food through a photograph. 100% of users agreed that it would make logging easier.

Synthesizing Mixed Feelings

With survey data to back us up, we summarized our users' experiences in an empathy map.

Going with the Flow

Knowing that we would need to allow women to both log their food and set their notification preferences, my team collaboratively created 2 user flows to set a direction for our wireframes.

Getting our Priorities Straight

Having done our research and generating tons of ideas, the team used the IBM prioritization grid to help us guide our decision-making in the time crunch.

Sketching it Out

One of our teammates brought to the table a clear sketched concept for the UI of the app: a constellation theme, where each log would add another star to a constellation and by the end of their third trimester would reveal a galaxy.

Framing it Out

With our teammate's sketch as guidance, the team began collaboratively wireframing in Figma. We jumped ahead to mid-fidelity to save ourselves some time.


Getting in the Mood

With the constellation theme as our guide, my teammates and I pulled in inspirational images and used them to generate color palette possibilities.

Once we selected our final color palette, we moved straight into applying UI and collaboratively creating animations and interactions for the prototype.

The Prototype

So What Did I Learn?

A strong concept is meaningless without clear communication.

Even though our UI concept was strong and the team understood it, we didn't integrate it effectively within the app. One of the judges commented, "the overhaul concept of constellations takes it away from the goal of the app, I felt like I was entering the realms of astrology."

Even in a time crunch, the research is worth it.

The strong research we did was applauded by the judges: "Great research process", one commented. And it paid off! "I really like the idea of making photography the main way you log food. This takes a great burden off of the shoulders of the users."

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