A heuristic review of a Russian e-commerce site expanding to the U.S. market


What is WONO?

WONO is a Russian ecommerce business similar to Craigslist and UpWork that recently expanded to include the U.S. market.

The Problem

WONO had a small team tackling the very big task of market expansion, and they wanted a native English-speaking UX Designer to ensure that their site was meeting business goals in the new market.

The Solution

I conducted a heuristic review of the site with feedback focused on targeting specific problems and prioritizing the impact of resolving these issues. 

My Role

UX Research

  • Heuristic Review

The Process

I assigned each heuristic a rating on a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent), with specific comments on what works well and what requires attention, and screenshots of particular issues. At my client's request, I paid special care and attention to:

I also provided recommendations for actions that can be taken to improve usability, ranked by impact on the overall usability (high to low).



Overall Rating

Rating Distribution



Impact of Recommendations Distribution

The Full Report


Only two months after receiving the report, the WONO team had already implemented a number of my recommendations, primarily the “low hanging fruit” to improve user understanding.


Numerous categories, not all of them obvious outside of the "how it works" drop-down

Users can see that they are on the first step of a form, but now how many steps remain

No explanation of Connects is provided anywhere on the site

Unless users are already familiar with Stripe and Payeezy, it will not be clear to them that these are credit card methods


Categories in the main nav bar match categories in the "how it works" drop-down

Users can see where they are in the complete posting process

Connects are clearly explained and used as an opportunity for Calls to Action

Both credit card methods are clearly explained

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